Interior Design

Over the years I have worked with numerous clients to help bring a room or an entire house together.  I especially enjoy when a painting can wrap up the room and just make a statement.  I have worked with paintings that were 16 x 20 up to paintings that 60" x 90".  I love creating large paintings with lots of texture.  The following paintings are ones that were commissioned by a client to outfit his bachelor pad.   


Believe it or not, this one was the 60" x 90" and it was oil and shells on canvas
Made with oil paints, sand and wax on canvas.
Oil paints with mirrors that make up an anchor.
This may not be "in theme" but the client, Shawn, wanted my rendition of his dog, Momo.  
I love it when a room comes together!  If I can help complete the look of your house or a room, let me know!  I love one of a kind pieces that are suited for each space.  Contact me below...