Thank you for your interest in my work!  I situate color and texture onto a canvas through painting or pouring.  Color and texture are major components of each of my art pieces.  My art is created to help one escape your thoughts and the outside world if only for a moment. 
A little bit about me....

Born in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi and raised in Southeastern Louisiana and Southern Mississippi, Graduate of University of New Orleans, and a recent graduate of the MBA program at LSUS, I currently reside in Southeastern Louisiana. with my family which includes two of the cutest dogs you've ever seen, Gio and Isabelle!  I have created art all my life, but I began painting in 2002 and I have paintings in various private collections all over the country.  I work with oils, acrylics and just about any medium under the sun to portray a scene where one would escape to if only for a moment.  There are many artists that inspire me, but my favorites are George Rodrigue, Wassily Kandinsky and of course Vincent Van Gogh.  As a recent graduate of the MBA program, I intend to utilize my master’s degree to promote my art and facilitate a pathway for myself and other artists to promote their artwork as a business in the future

Much Love, 

Commissions and inquiries are always welcome.  Please use the form below to contact me with any and all inquiries about current available stock or any other questions.