Who says you can't do it all?  I sure do try.  I love trying new things, telling people about my experiences and letting others learn from my mistakes that I have made.  I am by no means perfect and wouldn't want to be.  There is a certain perfection in the imperfect perspective.  

I hope to make this a platform to help you create art even if you haven't held a brush, be confident in your own skin (even if that skin has makeup all over it), craft the perfect cocktail if you have never even popped a top, learn from the lessons in your life and not let them be stumbling blocks but stepping stones, find a few fair trade finds, establish your small business and gain the courage to start your own business, plan your own kind of party and have fun while doing it and so much more.  This is my hub to hand down the very little amount I know about everything in life.  I have been an event planner, bartender, general manager, Mom, wife, sister and everything in between.  My passions are art, fair trade finds and learning everyday how to be the best mother I can be to my children.  

So, thank you for joining me and if you haven't joined my Facebook group, CLICK HERE.  I have giveaways every Monday!!