Amato Family Trip to Disney - Epcot

Melissa Amato

I will forewarn you.  Yes, I have matching shirts for every day that we were at Disney.  I love itineraries and matching shirts! 
The kids and I were stoked although we were waking up way earlier than usual and it was cold!  But we get to Epcot and it is 8:30 and although me and my kids are not morning people, we are there.  I take a few photos with my phone and I guess in the chaos of it all and the excitement of entering Disney for the first time in forever...I left my phone on the fountain at the entrance. Moments later inside Epcot I went to take a photo again and I can't find my phone....panic set in...I tear apart the carefully put together bookbag that I have researched for on Epcot's grounds with stuff thrown husband puts it together as I race to trace my steps to find my phone...I search the ground...nothing.  I search the fountain thinking the phone went in the fountain and I didn't realize it....nothing.  I call it from my son's ring, just straight to voicemail so either it is in the fountain or someone turned it off.  My anxiety is kicking in...I am about to have a panic attack and my husband sees Guest Relations in the not so distant distance.  I am frantically checking the bookbag again with Mickey Ears and ponchos thrown about the Guest Relations floor.  My hands almost turn into claws as they do when I have a panic attack and I ask the cast member if someone returned a phone. 
She said Yes.
  I couldn't believe it.  I actually could not believe it for a second.  You would have thought she brought me the winning lotto numbers.   I have the XS Max with about a $90 case on it and it was returned to me.  Someone had turned it in moments earlier and I just had to unlock it.  I was in complete shock and awe.  Had I left my phone in Jackson Square in the Quarter, it would have been on Facebook marketplace before I could have realized it was missing.  That one act of kindness restored my faith in humanity and it was only 9 am in the morning.  Thank you to whoever you are!!
So after that jolt, we were ready to have some fun!  We got to meet Joy and Sadness.  Seems fitting since I had just felt both of those almost immediately before.  LOL.  
Then we went to meet our friend Baymax!
Then we got to go on a few rides...
The Seas with Nemo and Friends was great as we walked right on even after the character spots and snafu with the phone.  Then we waited for for about 50 minutes for Soarin and it was worth it!  It was awesome and I highly recommend it.  There is a part where the plane comes at you and I about peed my pants I was so surprised!  Scarlett was looking over the side of the ride...she has some pretty big ovaries on her!!  
Then we cruised over to Club Cool where you can taste drinks from all over the world.  And, yes we tasted the popular drink, Beverly from Italy. It was as expected.  
Russell trying the different drinks!
All 3 of us did not like it at all...
Then we hopped over to Mission: Space.  If you have height or anxiety issues, I don't suggest it.  I know they gave me warnings...blah blah blah...I almost vomited.  I won't be going back.  It is very cool though if you don't have my current issues of POTS and anxiety.  Then off to Spaceship Earth literally that’s why it was so blurry.  
Spaceship Earth was next with our FastPass and it was a great history lesson and a cool, calm ride but dark ride then we went to lunch at the Coral Reef Restaurant next to The Nemo ride as we call it.
After Lunch we went to Test Track. 
This is a very cool ride that showcases Chevrolet cars.  It broke down in the middle of the ride which worried us but, we were still excited.  I don't have a picture from during the ride because I hadn't yet figured out photopass yet. 
Then, World Showcase was my favorite part of the park.  Me and Rusty had pints at Rose and Crown.  He had a Black Velvet Imperial Pint which was half cider, half Guinness and I had a Cider & Black which is a Cider with a shot of Black Currant Juice.   I love my drinks super sweet and this one was perfect.
We walked around and got the kids an ice cream in France at L'Artisan de Glaces and took a picture in front of the fountain.  There was a show going on at the time with a man and some chairs but, France was BUSY!!  
So shortly after that we stumble across Anna and Elsa in Norway!  It was our first Princess meeting and Scarlett nor I didn't know what to expect.  But they were awesome!  I was giddy just like her!
Anna threw snowballs with Scarlett!  
And Elsa talked about snow sledding races in Arendelle!  
We ate Mickey treats on the way out of the park for a while then came back for a Princess Dinner at Akershus in Norway.  
As we waited Russell became a troll...
And Russell got to do his front kick in Epcot!  
Russell was doing front kicks and splits and afterwards some kids were like Wow, that’s awesome do you know how to do that and Russell said, Taekwondo...and then I heard one kid asking his parents to let him take Taekwondo lessons!  Awesome!!  Next up was our reservation in Norway at Akershus!
Belle was at the entrance waiting to take a picture with our little Princess Aurora Scarlett as she wanted to be called.  This was one of my favorite experiences of the entire trip.  The only thing I would change is that the interior of the restaurant needs to have more lighting for pictures but other than that, it was great!  Upon entry Belle or some other princess meets your party as you arrive and you take a picture with that princess behind the backdrop and it is sent to your photopass.  Then, you wait a minute for your table then the table is called.  But, if you are Scarlett...she gets her Magic Band altered by none other than Belle herself!!  She is so lucky I swear!!
That was pretty awesome.  Belle taught us that the grey part of the magic band can be removed to shorten the magic band and make it more comfy for smaller wrists. Nifty!  We even passed it along to other families we met along the way.  
You enter and your appetizers are on a buffet and its called the Taste of Norway.  I didn't mind at all because I love trying a little bit of a lot of new foods.  My favorite was the peppered mackerel and the pickled herring.  Russell loved the meats and some of the cheeses especially the Muenster cheese.  Then, you order an entree and I got the Viking Mixed Grill
which is a little bit of everything, Russell got the Flyt-stuffed pasta which is like a ravioli and he didn't like but I loved.  Scarlett got meatballs and macaroni and cheese and Rusty got the Tradisjonell Kjottkake.  I still can't pronounce it.  Yes, I had to joke that it was equivalent to our words like Tchoupitoulas.  I remember it all being very good.  We got an assortment of Norwegian desserts for dessert.  It was all very good but the middle cake especially was good, it reminded me of bread pudding. 
Every Princess made it to the table to meet Scarlett.  Russell was not enthused or impressed.  But Scarlett was on cloud nine!  
Princess Aurora Scarlett and Princess Aurora
Scarlett's tiara fell off mid-hug with Cinderella and this is Cinderella fixing her tiara!  How Sweet!!!  Look at her eyes being closed!  So Sweet!
Before the end of dinner there was a parade of Princesses throughout the restaurant.  Every little girl got to walk around and wave at the crowd following the Princesses around the restaurant.  It was so sweet!!  
Then, me and Rusty decided to make our alcoholic beverage of the night be a Linie Aquavit Glacier Shot.  I told her how my results came back and that I am actually part Viking and we all laughed but it is true!!  So, our server gave us the Viking challenge for the shot because she is from Norway.  We had to drink the shot and not make a bad face or show negative emotion at all after shooting this alcohol.  We both rocked it!!
Overall this is one of the best experiences that we had in a restaurant and with the princesses.  The staff was great, the food was great, the experience was unforgettable!  
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