Love is Love

Melissa Amato

All the Pride posts from my friends and family have inspired the collection, Pride,  that I currently have up in my shop.  I also included Proud Parent shirts in my shop because I saw thought it would be a great gesture for a parent to wear alongside their kid!  There is a saying on the shirts that is a common saying throughout the LGBTQIAPK+ community but I have a story behind mine.  

Now my story is not all that earth shattering or impactful but, it did impact one situation and one fun night.  So, here it is...

Me and my friends go to these parties thrown by a local community club and parade Krewe.  They are always fun and have tons of people there.  This past Halloween was no exception, we decided we were all going to go as the Chipmunks and the Chipettes.  So we did.  At the last minute, my friend Aimee had 2 extra tickets and gave them to her friends (and mine), Chris and Chris, her hair dressers and friends of over 20 years.  I was stoked because it makes my whole day just to hang out with them getting my hair done, they are THAT funny.  

So we all get there, all the Chipmunks and Chipettes are there.  We are outside drinking and cutting up and even though I drank quite a bit I wasn't drinking as much as others, I was on antibiotics.  Both Chris and Chris were outside with the rest of the crew and we were all dancing and having a great time.  Chris C. went about dancing on another person who was not a part of our group and who was male.  That guy backed away and started to get pissed.  

Now, I know y'all don't really know me but, I am not a person to back down.  I stand up for everyone.  I am extremely observant and vigilant about standing up for what is right.  

I noticed this person backing off and getting pissed.  I made my way to the man and calmly said "Nah, man we are just having fun.  He is having fun.  You're having fun. His husband right (Chris H) there is having fun."  He looked at me with a bewildered look on his face and I simply said, "Love is Love, Man.  Love is Love."  He was a little shocked.  He tried to make excuses and tried to say "um, well, um, but, he."  And I just said firmly but politely "Love is Love. We are all having a good time just like you are."  He went on about his business and went back inside the hall where the rest of the party was.

I don't know if that changed his mind about his intolerance.  I don't know if it changed his views in life.  I do know that it changed that situation.  I do know that I felt awesome for sticking up for my friends.  

So, that is the meaning behind my saying of "Love is Love."  I started the collection earlier in June 2018 after inspiration took root when I started seeing images of Pride and Allies everywhere show their support.  I saw posts about parents who were proud of their kids, kids proud of their parents and friends supporting friends.  So I hope you enjoy the collection!  

 Here are a few of my favorites!  

Fleur de Pride Bag!

Pride Proud Parent

Love is Love Tank


And if you haven't already....

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