Amato Family Trip to Disney - Magic Kingdom

Melissa Amato

Although this is the happiest place on Earth, we were tired.  We were struggling today after running and gunning for 4 straight days now in the heat and walking way more than we were used to.  We had a few meltdowns in the morning but, we all eventually perked up.  
Russell hated his shirt.  Absolutely hated it.  He was a little embarrassed about the "Here comes the Smolder."  He is a little shy about it and that is ok.  I told him we could buy him a shirt or turn his current shirt inside out and he chose to turn it inside out after initial photos.  We were all Rapunzel themed with our shirts and I thought it was cute for him.  But, he didn't like it and its understandable. 
After the quintessential entrance castle shot, we headed to our reservation to The Plaza. 
The Plaza's breakfast held up to its reputation!  The kids had Mickey Waffles and Rusty had Eggs and Bacon while I had Fried Green Tomatoes With Lobster Eggs Benedict.  It was absolutely outstanding.  The very best breakfast that I had at Disney, no contest.  
We hurried up and got to the Teacups and waited only for about 20 minutes.  While we were waiting, we saw the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and the kids did not want to go on it.  But we all loved the teacups!
Then we eventually made our way to the gift shops where I got our friend and pet sitter, Reagan, a gift and Grandma Cathy needed us to get a Tigger for her for a friend.  So we got all those things and the kids were given a choice of one item they could get as their souvenirs from Disney.  Both kids fought over who was going to get Gio (our family dog) something.  Both wanted to get him a toy or something so they both agreed (shocked, right?) to get him a new adjustable collar.  It was so sweet!  
Meeting Rapunzel and Tiana was next on the list.  I had a matte for a picture that I had all the Princesses sign so we took that out.  I had packed Scarlett's Rapunzel costume with tiara in case she wanted to change. And she did!!  We just put it over her current outfit!  Rapunzel was her favorite at this time so, we ran with it.  Meeting both Princesses was very cool even for me as an adult!  
we had a FastPass to see her and Princess Tiana
Scarlett was so excited!  I had to tell Princess Tiana we were from New Orleans too!  LOL.
 Then we headed to Tony’s Town Square Italian Restaurant to eat and get the Festival of Fantasy reserved seating.  We ate a delicious meal, mine was Shrimp Scampi and the meatballs everyone else had were awesome!  During the meal we discussed Space Mountain.  I found a video of the actual ride online and showed Russell.  It was both dark and fast, two adjectives that he wanted nothing to do with.  I don't blame him personally.  It did seem scary.  Maybe in a few years we will all get on it but not today.  
Then we grabbed some cool down treats and settled in for the Festival of Fantasy!  It was an absolute delight!  
After the parade we gave up our FastPass for Space Mountain for the Monsters Inc Laugh Floor which was hilarious!  The kids absolutely thought it was a riot.  But, if you go...try and get in the middle of the theater.  I was on the outer skirts of the theater and would have liked to be in the middle.  
Then we headed over to the People Mover ride.  It was suggested by my friends Matt and Suzi!  It was fun and very much a cool down ride. 
On our way to Splash Mountain, we hopped on Aladdin's Magic Carpets.  Then we went to Splash Mountain.  This classic ride was Scarlett's favorite!  She was in the front too!  Russell looks like he wasn't even impressed!  LOL.  But he loved it too!
Shortly after that we went to the hotel to rest up a little bit and take a breather before the fireworks and dinner.
When we got back to Magic Kingdom the streets were packed with pedestrians ready for some pyrotechnics!  The Happily Ever After Fireworks show was amazing!  We all really enjoyed it.  
Here's a little snippet!
But the fun wasn't over just yet!  I snagged a reservation at Cinderella's Royal Table and so, my little Princess ate dinner inside of Cinderella's Royal Castle and met all the Princesses including Jasmine who we were not able to meet previously at Akershus!  Scarlett was so brazen that I had the matte for the princesses to sign and she grabbed it from me and handed it to the Princess Jasmine herself!  
The food was great, we were just exhausted.  The moscato they had there was absolutely divine.  We hurried up and ate, got back to our resort because we were flying out earlier the next morning.  
One other thing happened on our way home...I got an alert that the President was at the Atlanta airport.  I normally get alerts for news and such but we were at Atlanta Airport at the same time.  I was rushing to the window to see if I could see Air Force One and of course I couldn't but, as we were taking off less than an hour later, it was there!  The pilot told us to look left and so we did and it was awesome to even be that close to Air Force One even if the President wasn't near it, for a minute, I was pretty close to the President and the First Lady and that was pretty cool.  
So, see ya later Mickey Mouse.  See ya Next Time!

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