Amato Family Trip To Disney - Hollywood Studios

Melissa Amato

So, we learned about Early Magic Hours today.  We got to the park around 7:45 am when the early magic hours for the park are 7-8 am for those staying in resorts.  It was Easter and yes, the Easter Bunny made it all the way to Disney for my kids.
Yesterday for Epcot we underestimated the amount of time that our kids would need to walk and how much our kids would want to walk.  So we stood there contemplating a stroller for the kids and as me and Rusty were talking, contemplating, etc..  something "Magical" happened.  The two cast members that we were discussing prices, etc.. with said that they wanted to give us a Magical Moment.  They gifted the stroller to us for the day.  They wished us a Happy Easter and started our day off great!  I had to hug the lady, it was so nice!!
So we were off to a great start.  The very first thingI had to do when we got into the park was to sign up for Jedi Training.  Russell's friend, Brayden, said it was always full when they went and he wasn't ever able to do it so, I made that my priority for Russell.  With him signed up, we rode Alien Swirling Saucers.  It's like the teacups in Toy Story Land.  We all liked it very much.  
Then we met Olaf!  We offered him warm hugs!
We had breakfast at Hollywood & Vine for 8:30 and we met all the characters! The breakfast buffet was great for adults and for kids.  They had a special section at kids height for them to make their own plates.  Very cute buffet with Mickey Waffles and just overall great food!  Rusty had a bloody mary and it was tasty! 
Vampirina, Sophia the First, Doc McStuffins and Goofy (racecar driver Goofy).  Vampirina was Scarlett’s favorite!  
 After that we headed over to Rock 'N' Roller Coaster where Russell and Rusty had a Fastpass and Me and Scarlett went to see if we could tag along with the lines not being terribly long.  She didn't pass the height test so, we all went to a new Cars Lightning McQueen show right next door.  This was a surprise hit!  Very cool show!
Russell and Rusty got on Rock 'N' Roller Coaster and I jetted across the park to the Hyperion Theater for the Frozen Sing Along with Elsa and Anna. 
On my way there I was running across the main street area and there was a gap in people and I was like, alright...perfect opportunity for me to get across the area BUT...I ran across and I almost collided with was Darth Vader and the stormtroopers coming down the main street!  It was so freaking cool!  I am so glad I am quick with my camera!
So, we made it to the Frozen Sing Along...and it is an interactive show with all the songs and you are encouraged to sing along.  The story tellers were hilarious!!  Engaging for the adults too but not adult humor.  Very funny!  Definitely the best indoor show in Hollywood Studios.  Scarlett (and I) loved singing all the songs and at the end of the songs bubbles come down!  It looks like snow but it really is bubbles.  
After that we headed to our Star Tours Fastpass which is like Soarin but not so severe.  It was pretty cool.  I really liked it and I'm not really into Star Wars.
Then back to Toy Story Land for Alien Swirling Saucers.  I swear I could ride that thing all day!  It was so much fun!  Toy Story Mania was out of order for a minute and we didn't not even attempt Slinky Dog Dash because Russell didn't care for the Rock 'N' Roller Coaster so, I didn't push.  
Then, Russell went to become a Jedi!  Little did I know but, Adults can't sign up for the Jedi Training.  Believe me, I tried.  LOL.  Seriously, I did and they told me NO.  Oh well...Russell loved it!  Scarlett almost did it but she is like me and doesn't really like masks.  
They line up the kids, dress them in these robes and send them off onto training.  This was the best outdoor show, hands down! 
My son is so photogenic!!
The actors are so on point, its unreal.  The photopass people give  each family a photo pass card to upload the pictures they are about to take.  You receive all the pictures, not just pictures of your kid(s).  Russell has been learning to use his sword in Taekwondo so, this was absolutely perfect!  My son, the Jedi!
 Afterwards we walked around I got to see EDNA!!  She is my favorite character from The Incredibles and we got to take a picture on The Incredibles Alley!  
We wanted another cool down experience so we went to Journey of the Little Mermaid.  Very cool and bubbles came down to enrich the experience!
Another cute photopass picture around the Muppets area then we saw The Muppets in 3D which was a great cool down area.  Right around there near the pizza place there is a photopass opportunity!  
We had a wonderful lunch/dinner at The Brown Derby restaurant and I had the Blue Lump Crab Crispy Wonton for my appetizer with Charred Filet of Beef and no dessert because we were tired and wanted to get back to the hotel.  The Beef was fantastic.  Me and Rusty got it and what I couldn't finish of the Beef, Russell finished for me.  
We came back to the hotel for a shorter day and we took a bit of a rest.  
Then we went to Centertown Market for a little bit of dinner.  The flavors were different but great!  I love trying new things though.  The kids loved the cheeseburger and pizza with french fries that we were able to get.  We got the chicken and beef tacos as a part of the Caribbean Taco Trio. 
Overall, Hollywood Studios was our least favorite but there were some high points like the Frozen Sing Along and Jedi Training was probably the best!  And of course mine was meeting Edna! NO CAPES!
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