Amato Family Trip to Disney- Animal Kingdom

Melissa Amato

Word to the Wise...if you are staying at Caribbean Beach Resort and are staying in anything other than Port Royale or Martinique, go to those stops in the morning for the buses or you will wait 45 minutes like we did to get on a bus for Animal Kingdom during Early Magic Hours.  Lesson learned.  Or we will figure out what resorts are along the monorail and stay there instead.  So we finally make it to Animal Kingdom right as early magic hours are somewhat starting and we got our stroller (we learned our lesson) as soon as we could.  As we actually entered the park they were looking for verification that we were staying at a Disney property and I just opened my Disney Parks app and showed them "My Resort" and it was sufficient.  People were sprinting towards Pandora as soon as the doors open.  I open my app and it already states a 90 minute wait and it just opened.  So, we stood in line for a little bit for Na'Vi Journey.  It is near the Pandora ride that everyone wants to ride.  It was dark and my kids (I have come to learn) don't like dark rides.  So, we are sticking it out and seeing all the fluorescent creatures and unbelievable animatronics.  They have come a fair way from Splash Mountain animatronics.  Then, we hurried up and went to breakfast at Rainforest Cafe.  My kids are not morning kids and neither am I really so, we took it a little slow.  We ate our breakfast and enjoyed the aquarium tanks at Rainforest Cafe.  

Russell showing off his rebelliousness...

Then, we had a FastPass to go to Kilamanjaro Safaris which was super cool.  It is a Safari truck which takes you all over the property and you have a person who is driving and talking about the animals.  Very informative and an overall great experience.  

We walked around and waited for our next Fast pass, we looked at the Animals and went on the Maharajah Jungle Trek. Then it was lunch time!  We made our way to Tiffins.  It was this stupendous restaurant that had I not had the dining plan, we would not be going there because it was expensive!  It was so good though.  I got the Charcuterie, Rusty got the Bread Service and Russell got the Falafel for appetizers.  We all loved the Charcuterie, the Bread Service was good but, I am just not a fan of the spices of the Falafel.  I have never tried one and wanted to try one.  Then, Me and Rusty got the Surf and Turf.  Hands down the best lobster for lunch or dinner or anywhere.  The steak was absolutely delicious.  Russell ate tacos and Rusty loved his entree as well.  I got the Lamu Libation cocktail and it was sweet but not too sweet.  My favorite cocktail of the entire trip!  Rusty had the Tusker beer and he liked his as well.

Charcuterie Appetizer

This is the steak and lobster or surf n turf and the empty glass was the Lamu Libation.  I will have to figure out how to make that drink!

Whatever that butter concoction is on the lobster made it out of this world!!  
Then, we headed over to Kali River Rapids!  We had a FastPass so it didn't take us long.  We had to lock our stuff up in a locker that was right outside of the ride.  The locker was free for about 2 hours.  There are no pictures from that because there is no photopass and we didn't want to lose our phones in the water but, this was by far our favorite ride of the trip! 
Then we really didn't know what we were getting ourselves into but, we went anyways to Expedition Everest!  There is still a photopass on the bridge near Expedition Everest!

Before we got the crap scared out of us!

Yes, Scarlett rode Expedition Everest too!!

Then we went to DinoLand!  They had a Carnival in the middle of Dinoland.  My kids weren't too interested but I think you had to buy tickets to play the games in that area.  But we did both the TriceratopSpin and the Primeval Whirl.  My favorite was the Primeval Whirl.  Below is a family shot on Primeval Whirl.  TriceratopSpin is like Aladdin Magic Carpets or Dumbo but in Animal Kingdom. 

 We waited in line for Kali River Rapids one more time before we headed to The Festival of the Lion King.  This show was unbelievable.  Up until now there were some pretty phenomenal shows but this one simply blew it out the water.  It is about 30 minutes of singing and dancing and fire breathing ...yes fire breathing action.  I was utterly amazed at the talent of the show.  

We finally grabbed a Dole Whip (Scarlett's fav) at Tamu Tamu and headed for the gates to catch a bus to Animal Kingdom Lodge at Kidani Village.  My sister in law, Sarah, recommended this place and it was so cool!  Thanks Sarah!
Our table wasn't ready for us when we got there so we got to go to the outside viewing area to see giraffes eating and other animals running around.  It was very cool!  We got the bread service and it seemed very good.  I on the other hand was not.  I order a traditional Potjie Inspired dish of Goan Seafood Curry, Cilantro Coconut Vegetables and Aloo Masala and Basmati Rice.  I learned that although I want to try new foods it doesn't mean that those new foods will love me.  I forgot how in the past I tried to enter (yes, just enter) a Thai restaurant and hacked up a lung because of it.  So, these spices smelled strong.  I even tried a taste of the food served as my entree and it tasted good but, I couldn't take it and I had to leave.  It all looked very delicious and the service was great but I am very sensitive to certain smells.  The food did not smell bad but I just learned that now African and Indian and Thai food are off my list.  
We booked a Lyft and eventually made it back to the Hotel! 
Next day, our last day at Disney will be spent at Magic Kingdom!  Click below to see our Magic Kingdom Adventure!

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