Planning your Wedding in 6 Easy Steps!

Melissa Amato

Whether you are planning an elopement or an elaborate feast in the castle of your dreams, here are the core simple steps of planning your wedding.  

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1) When? 

Pick your date.  Sit down with your partner and pick a time and date for your nuptials-have a few alternatives as well in case those dates/times are filled at your venues of choice.


Pick a venue for your ceremony and your reception.  They can be separate or together.  Visit or call and ensure that they will be available for your specified date that you both picked out.  Decide and put down a deposit asap.

3) Wear?  

Another wear.  Gotta love the English Language.  Start looking for your dress.  Whether it costs $50 from TJ Maxx or $5000 from Vera Wang, pick it and pay for it.  Or you may have a dress already in your closet.  If you are having a bridal party, pick it and pay for it as well. 

4) What?  

How will the ceremony/reception go?  Decide or have the officiant decide if you aren't very picky.  Make your decision about the reception or have the venue's attendant decide.  This is your decision to make so make it and write it down. 

5) Make it Legal.

Check your local parish/county for legal requirements for your marriage certificate.  Most have an expiration of 30 days from the date you file that you need to be married but, check out your specific area for your marriage certificate.  Check with your officiant/church/wherever and whoever will be marrying you to ensure you do not need to meet any other criteria to be married by them or at their venue. 

6) How? 

How will you get to and from the ceremony site/reception site/honeymoon location? 

When you break it down to these 6 steps, it really puts things in perspective.  These are just the basic, extremely basic steps to get you started on planning your wedding. 

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Love planning parties or strive to be a wedding planner?  Come back on Sundays for Soiree Sundays when I'll share more ways for you to put the fun in function!  

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