Party on the Fly

Melissa Amato

So, we've all been there before.  Either you forget you said you would host game night at your house tonight or a birthday party just sneaks up on you with little or no time to prepare.  So, do they expect you to just pull it out of  Yes.  Yes they do and you can!!  So, here are a few last minute tips that will make your party a hit even at the last minute and you can pull it out of your  


You will have to utilize what you already have in your pantry and refrigerator.  And since most parties have finger food here are a few items that are usually found in those places and could be transformed.  

Finger Sandwiches:  Make sandwiches like you normally would but make many at one time really fast by combining the mayo and mustard together then spreading it on the bread then stack them high and cut the crusts off with your electric knife.  Cut them in fours and Voila...finger sandwiches.  Don't have turkey or another meat?  PB & J cut up all fancy is great!  

Popcorn:  Pop a few bags and put in multiple little plastic bowls all over the table.  It will feed a lot of people and it will be fast.  Find any cute little bowl/mixing bowls that you might have and put them there.

Chips and Salsa:  I always seem to have this in my cupboard so, break those bad boys out.  

Meat and Cheese Tray:  Take lunch meat and cheese out.  Roll up the lunch meat and cube the cheese and stick it on toothpicks.  Put it out on a dinner plate.

Raid your freezer:  You may have eggrolls, pizza rolls or taquitos that you forgot about but are still good.  


Ice:  Fill a large bowl with ice for drinks and put it out for people next to some glasses and place some tongs for ease of use.

Got Kool-Aid?  Mix some up like the package says or mix up a few so that you have Raspberry/Pink Lemonade in some pitchers.  

Don't underestimate tea:  People love it and the sweeter the better down here.

Alcoholic Drink Punch:  My Malibu Punch recipe is great.  And if you wanted to sub in Vodka, other kind of rum or even Bourbon it might be good too.  


Kids Birthday Party:  Go raid their room.  They probably already have themed items that you can fish from their room.  Take a few items and then put them around the party area as decoration.  A clean flat sheet could be a great substitute for a tablecloth in a pinch.  Write the kids name and other fun decorations outside on the driveway/walkway!

Adult/Game Night:  Again, a good tablecloth or flat sheet will be sufficient to give the game area a whole new look.  Look in your garage and other areas you might have things like the attic for other items that you already have


God love the Internet.  Go online and do a few quick searches online.  The most less complicated ones win at this point.  Here are a few examples

Kids Games

  • Use pillow cases for potato sack races
  • Use string or shoe laces for 3-legged races
  • Use a Broom for Limbo
  • Egg and Spoon races: Try to balance an egg on a spoon as you race across the backyard or living room (tiled floor)
  • Selfie Photo Booth:  Put up a cute blanket as a back drop, find cute sunglasses, ex-holiday items or other things people like to take photos with and throw it in a laundry basket next to the back drop and have people take selfies with your stuff
  • Science Experiment:  Fill one glass up with some baking powder.  Fill multiple different glasses with water and one with vinegar.  Have them guess without smelling which one is vinegar and pour it in!  
  • Hopscotch: Use sidewalk chalk and make a hopscotch outside

Adult Games

  • Charades:  Movie/Book/TV Show.  Split the group in two groups.  Have everyone write movies, books or tv shows on paper.  Groups pick from a hat and act out what is written down. 
  • Two Truths and a Lie:  Everyone gets 3 cards/pieces of paper.  Every one writes down 2 truths and 1 lie.  Everyone takes turns and everyone else has to figure out which one is the lie.  
  • Celebrity:  Write a celebrity name on a post it.  Put that post it on your friend/family/party-goer's forehead without them seeing it.  Put one on all the party-goers foreheads.  Ask your friends questions to see if they can guess what is on their forehead.  


Don't be afraid to ask for help.  If this is an adult party, be sure to text your people who are coming and tell them what they need to bring.  Don't leave it up to them to decide what to get, it is best you tell them.  Like, Sally bring the soft drinks and Sam needs to bring napkins.  For a kids birthday party, your family would probably happily oblige.  Contact them and see if they would be willing to help out.  

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