Why I LOVE my Panasonic Lumix G7!

Melissa Amato

So, I am not a master of any camera.  I still don't know all the features of this camera but from what I do know...I LOVE IT!  I have had quite a few different cameras...Kodak then Olympus Waterpoof then Sony DSC then now...a Panasonic Lumix G7 with 4K. I did a LOT of research before the purchase of this current camera and I am so glad that I did.  The picture above was taken without any filter on a somewhat muggy, sunny day in South Louisiana.  I have a few things I love and I think you will too!  
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Ease of Use
I don't know all the features but the ones that I do know, I LOVE!!  There is a paint palette icon on the dial that allows you to adjust your settings to different filters.  Then there is a setting that is the  SCN setting that allows you to set a silky skin filter that allows you to be photographed with almost perfect skin.  I love these and playing with them and figuring out my favorite dependent upon what I am shooting.
Picture Quality
Absolutely Amazing.  I have taken family pictures with it at Easter and video of my son's Karate promotions and it has been beyond what I expect.  
Here's a few more pictures of no filter just me (serious novice) taking photos.
The zoom isn't that spectacular but it gets the job done!  So, that is the only drawback but I am not an insect photographer nor do I need a zoom of that magnitude.  So this worked out just fine!  
And of course
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Flip Screen!!!
I love that the flip screen is there so that I can use it to take videos of myself.  Those will follow in future posts.
It comes with a Panasonic Lumix Strap.  Ok, not so big of a thing but, it is important.  When I bought my Sony DSC camera in 2013, I didn't get a strap which would be that camera's eventual demise.  So, a strap is a definite must!  And it's comfy too.  
It has a sleep function on the camera if the camera hasn't been used in a while but is still turned on.  I appreciate that because it saves my battery automatically.  It usually goes into sleep mode after a few minutes of inactivity but I am sure that if I wanted I could change the time settings on the sleep mode.
Movie at One Push of a button.  
There is a little red dot button on the top of the camera and that is all that you hit in order to start recording.  I almost didn't believe it at first but, oh yea it was recording.  
Optional flash
With previous cameras, the flash automatically popped out and if you were in a spot where it wasn't needed, the picture turned out poorly.  Not this bad boy.  You have to push a button for the flash to pop up.  And if you don't want the flash any more, you simply push it down.  
Lens Cap
Ok every camera on the market usually comes with this.  BUT...this one is completely removable.  It's the little things really.  Past cameras I have bought have either been connected by a string or not included at all.  It's probably a terrible habit but, I just pop it in my back pocket and take my pictures.  Super easy and I don't lose it that way.  
How did I find this camera?  
On Amazon.  But I did a LOT of research before I purchased it.  I wanted something that would take stellar photos, killer videos, had a flip screen and was somewhat easy to use and didn't cost more than my first car.  So, I researched all the major tech gurus that actually bought it, tested it and filmed/photographed it.  Sean Cannell with Think Media was my guru of choice.  He knows his tech gear!!  
Where did I find it and how can you?  Go HERE
Thank you for reading!  And Happy National Camera Day from this novice photographer to you!  
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