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Back in May 2018, I learned about Amazon Merch.  I already had the designs on my site up but thought that I struck a gold mine of information when I learned about Amazon Merch.  Get some of my designs in front of the people's eyeballs in one of the biggest online retailer?  Yes Please. 

So, I put in my application. It took about 10 days to get my approval but I was so happy I got approved I remember the exact location when I found out.  Then I am only allowed 10 designs so I had to be picky.  I can't just put any design up there.  I had to have a heavy hitter or 10.  Because once you sell a certain amount of shirts, you get bumped to 25 designs or products.  Then, once you sell a certain amount of those 25 designs, you get bumped up to 100.  The more designs you have, the greater of a chance that they will appeal to someone and they will buy it.

I didn't even realize it.  I put up 10 designs, did not try them out just let them sit. I went about my life and summer as usual.  I check my bank account and I have a debit from Amazon.  

Now, there are plenty of credits to Amazon and I would have believed that over what I read because I love Amazon Prime fully but, I had sold some shirts!!!  

So I had to reassess....I doubled down on my efforts with Amazon.  Sold a few more.  Tested out the quality of the fabrics.  Got bumped to 25 designs/products.  Tested out the designs.  Corrected the designs. Wore my designs.  I began to heavily work on my Amazon Merch designs and now I am in the 100 Tier of Designs/Products. 

I have sold a few shirts and I have personally bought some to ensure quality.  Just like the Beauty and Brains shirt I am wearing  in this image.  Y'all...the shirts on this site are comfy and the shirts on Amazon are comfy.  I have actually slept in them a few times!!  I chose to put just about all of them fitted because they look awesome on the fitted shirts.  As of today's date, I now have 61 shirts/popsockets/long sleeve tshirts up on and here is my link that pops up in a new tab  

I am super excited about my journey so far on Merch with Amazon.  I recently got approved to Advertise with them so, I am super stoked for what's ahead!!  Stay tuned!  Here are a few of my favorites!  The shirts are clickable if you wanted to check out my designs on Amazon!!


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