Amazing Amazon!

Melissa Amato

I am so excited to announce something huge that I am super proud of!  Of the many chaotic things that are happening in my life, I am finally in a position that I can share my great news!  I am on Amazon!!  

Not only do I have a wedding planner uploaded on Amazon but now I have Tshirts!  These designs are absolutely authentic, original and not like anything you will find in any store.  These shirts are so comfortable and they fit like a glove!!  I plan to have all my designs from my site uploaded onto Amazon but, I am just at the beginning of my journey with Merch by Amazon.  

So, here is the link to all my original designed shirts....

If you like the short sleeve tshirts, they are fitted and great quality.  I have slept in a few of mine from Amazon too.  I would order one size up just to be sure it is the right comfy fit for you.  Here are just a few that I love!!







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