10 ways to Market your Small Business On and Offline

Melissa Amato

You have the perfect product.  But, now you need to get that product in front of people who will buy your are a few ways to get your name out there and get that accomplished.  

  1. Chamber of Commerce Networking Events: The cost of a Chamber membership is up to your chamber but they have events every month usually and sometimes it is multiple times a month.  So, dress the part and get out and and start networking at those events to get your name out to the community.  
  2. Sponsor a kids sports team:  I have no clue how much it costs but the advertising dollars are so worth it.  It's good for the kids and good for the biz!  This method has a serious punch and could greatly increase your business.  That shirt that has your company name is seen by every parent at every game, then at every restaurant where the player eats with their family after the game or wherever the child goes.  Then, they likely love playing so much that they wear that shirt outside of practice and games.  A complete win in my book.  
  3. Online Directories:  There are literally hundreds and most of them are for free.  Yelp, Google,, etc...I'll include these in a printable later.  Getting your name on directories increases your google rankings which in turn increases your visibility when someone searches for your business in your area.  
  4. Social Media Marketing:  This one is huge and basically free.  Create an account through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and list your business with Facebook as well.  People want to buy from/send their business to people they trust and getting to know you from social media builds trust.  
  5. Give Back! Create a fundraiser for a local school or community program.  Or piggyback on a current fundraiser or local school or community program.  Possibly offer a service or product to be raffled by said program?
  6. Business to Business:  Contact businesses in your area that would benefit from your services.  Possibly you are a lawn care company?  Contact Homeowners Associations and offer a free quote of your services.  If you are a catering company, offer your services to retirement homes or local clubs in your area.  
  7. Ads:  They are not just yellow anymore.  Facebook Ads are killin' it!  
  8. Giveaways:  When you create a facebook page, give something away if the like/share/comment on your post.  
  9. Give Back some more:  Are you a veterinarian? Donate to your local rescue groups.  Hair Stylist? Offer free hair cut to the homeless.  Be sincere but, document it all on social media.
  10. Partner with local businesses: Sort of like Business to Business but, a little different.  If you are a photographer, contact local event venues to be put on their recommended list.  Seek out businesses that will recommend you to their customers in conjunction with their services.  

Check back every Saturday for more Small Business tips for your small business! 


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