The Making of Earth

Melissa Amato

I have been painting since around 2003-2004.  I have taken Art History courses but never have I taken a class on specific techniques as to use them just for history choices.  There is always a new technique available.  

I have been told of earthworms or cockroaches dipped in paint and made to crawl across the canvas.   While that is cool and all to see that finished product, I will not be utilizing that technique.  One technique I learned about recently was pouring and the use of epoxy resin in my artwork.  These methods I can get behind as they do not involve anything creepy or crawly.  

I studied it at the beginning of the year and began research on this new found method.  My very first pour was garbage.  My second pour was blissful...

I thought.  Yes!!  This is it.  They are beautiful and wonderfully made of done right but if the colors mix too much then you have a goopy mess on your hands.  And floor and all over, lol.  

The pours after that we’re 50/50 with a tie in between my latest favs, Earth and Peacockin’.  Here’s me making Earth!

Made with Acrylic paints, Floetrol and Water then sealed with polyeurathane.  I learned a lot about consistency of the paint and that you need to work fast and have spare paint on hand.  I don’t always prepare enough and I just underestimated the need.  I would prepare double what I originally prepared.  Another tip that I learned by sheer luck?  If you have chunky acrylic paint, put a little acetone in the bottle.  It will break up the chunks and make it smooth again.  Just shake it vigorously.  

Earth came out better than I had hoped.  Although my daughter calls it “horrid” because it has colors that she doesn’t like, I found it was well received by many, many others.  

I will be doing many more “horrid” paintings as I truck along in my artistic journey.  Some people will like them, hate them or love them and that’s ok on all three accounts.  

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