Who says a bracelet can't change the world?

Melissa Amato

Who says a bracelet can't change the world?  

It can and it has.  I found this company by sheer luck looking through fair trade companies.  This company started by two guys walking on a beach, saw some cool bracelets, bought about 400 of the bracelets, came back to the US and sold them and then did that over and over leading up to now, basically.    

Each bracelet is unique and meaningful in so many ways.  Each bracelet helps artisans in not only Costa Rica where it all began but they now have artisans in El Salvador, India and many other countries.  They have over 200+ artisans working for Pura Vida all over the globe! 

Not only do they create steady employment and income for artisans all over the globe but they also help create awareness for so many causes.  Each bracelet has a meaning.  Whether you support Anxiety Disorder Awareness or are saddened by the latest school shooting, you have so many opportunities to help. I purchased the bracelet to support the Parkland High School and 100% of all proceeds go directly to the Stoneman Douglas Victims Fund. 

I also purchased the Dark Goddess Bracelet because I just fell in love with it when I was looking through different bracelets.  Not necessarily a cause but, it is definitely cute and it still provides employment and income to 200+artisans around the world.  

The order went smoothly with receiving the package within a week.  I believe I ordered in the last part of one week and I had it by the mid part of the next week.  Then, it came in a pink package with Pura Vida in white lettering on the outside of the package.  It was packed really well.  The quality of the product is better than most bracelets you would find in stores.  Or rather you would find these in high end stores, not your normal usual run of the mill bracelet.  This is serious quality! 

Here is the package it came in.
Here is the contents of the packet along with the bracelet.
Here is the Dark Goddess bracelet in the flesh. 

In the end I got two cute bracelets and they donated money to the Parkland fund, someone across the globe was paid and I get a cute bracelet.  It's like capitalism with a cause.  

I purchased these bracelets with my own money.  I am not an affiliate.  I am a just a person who wants to create awareness for these wonderful companies that create jobs for people throughout the globe.  

If you have a company that you would like me to review, let me know here.  

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