What is more comfortable than yoga pants?

Melissa Amato

While yoga pants are the Queen of all comfort pants, these new pants give them a run for their money.  Yoga pants are plain, comfortable and get the job done for everything including yoga.  These palazzo pants don't even feel like you are wearing pants and to me, that is better than yoga pants hands down. Comfort and Cause equals Fair Trade and it's something I like to talk about on Fridays because well, why not.  

And...just so ya know ...I am an affiliate of Passion Lilie but, I did purchase both of these items myself and wasn't given them for this review.  If you purchase anything from these links I receive a commission that is no extra cost to you.  For a full disclosure, click here.

Passion Lilie is based out of NOLA.  And if y'all aren't from here NOLA is short for New Orleans, LA.  I just so happen to come across this company researching fair trade companies and I was super stoked to be helping out a local business as well.  I bought the Palazzo pants and a scarf, the ones pictured below and in the graphic.  I received the pants and scarf quite quickly but I live up the road, so that could have contributed to the fast time of shipping but I had the items within a week.  


The pants are like yoga pants had a baby with the softest bed sheets and this is their beautiful child.  I'm 5' 5.5" (yes the .5 counts) and I might need to mend them because I kept tripping over them because I am a little on the shorter side but for comfort, these are absolutely awesome.  

What is so great about these pants or this company?  The company is in NOLA, designs go out to workers in India.  The workers create the garments in an ancient way they only know how, dried in the sun then the items are sent back to Passion Lilie.  Those same items can be found online, through trunk shows and all over the nation and you can find those stores here.   

The workers employed through Passion Lilie are usually women.  Women in Bangalore, Jaipur, Tirupur and Hyderabad, India do not have the same advantages as we do in the US.  Companies like Passion Lilie seek out co-ops and different fair trade certified groups of people to sew/dye/make their clothing and jewelry.  These women are sought out and given a fair wage for their trade. Passion Lilie makes sure they are comfortable with their job which includes anything from clean water to time off. These women in India know ancient artisanal procedures to design and create products that we wouldn't know in the US.  In this specific company, Passion Lilie employs individuals that keep ancient artisanal dyeing and weaving traditions alive.  They use this tradition within Passion Lilie's line of clothing.  Passion Lilie pays them a fair wage which allows them to live, provide food and shelter to themselves and their children, education for their children and so much more.  

So, this pair of pants and scarf I purchased helped provide food and shelter directly to a woman in India.  There is no sweatshop.  There is no boss they have to pay.  There is little to no overhead.  It is a co-op where all women meet, work and play and possibly educate their children while the women sew/dye/cut fabric but all fair.  It's capitalism with a cause.  

So, it's for a good cause but...are the products worth it?  Short answer yes.  These products are made better than some products that I find in our stores here in America.  I have worn these pants, washed them multiple times and the colors do not fade and the pants are super comfortable.  Like feel like you aren't even wearing pants comfortable.  

So if you are going to buy that dress or that purse anyway because you need it, why not purchase it from a business that will help put food on the table of a child that needs it across the globe?  Here are the items that I bought and a few more favorites that I am sure I will eventually get. 

Here are my favorites!!  

LOVE this Scarf!

A Beautiful and Ethical tote to dye for!!  

my pants I purchased 



This is the black and gold scarf I purchased.  Wanna win this scarf?  Join my Facebook Group and I'll be giving it away live on next Mondays at 8:30 pm CST.  

Be sure to check back on my Fair Trade Fridays as I showcase more companies just like Passion Lilie that are making a difference one scarf at at time.  

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