More than Just Earrings

Melissa Amato

Why to focus on fair trade?  Why does someone care?  Why should someone care?  

All valid questions that need an answer.  I started my blog because I love to write.  I have a variety of different life experiences that I believe others could benefit from.  I became interested in fair trade upon learning what it was and is.  So, I have now taken it one step further and started my own online boutique, www.isabellejoseph.com.  I am literally putting my money where my mouth is. 

Multitasking like a boss.

If you are like me, you like to multitask.  I mean that is one of the reasons why items of convenience are so popular, right?.  Fair trade is actually multitasking. 
Buying from a fair trade company not only allows you to purchase an item that you deemed that you needed but allows for you to help someone across the globe feed their family or climb their way out of poverty.  You see.... it is not just the necklace or earrings or scarf that you see before you, it is a means of income to those that don't usually have a means of income.  It is not just a representation of their freedom but that scarf or necklace could actually be what feeds their family, educates their children or builds a new water well for their village.


I know that I have New Orleans like 30 minutes away and it is a busy city ripe with job opportunities.  Not everyone has a New Orleans or Dallas or any other major city that has job opportunities.  Not everyone has internet in their area, not everyone has a computer or smart phone.  Not everyone has the advantages that we do here in America.  I appreciate my opportunities set before me but I know that I do not need to take them for granted.  Because I know that I have advantages, I must reach out to those that do not and give a hand up.

One of a Kind.

Each and every fair trade item is one of a kind.  These jewelry pieces are not mass produced like the ones in a regular store.  Each item is a quality piece.  Every earring, including my Tiffany & Co. earrings, that I own has aggravated my ears.  I am somewhat allergic to nickel.  I was wearing the Kendall Climbers and flat out forgot that they were in my ears so much so that I went to go put in another pair to try them on.  So, they are hypoallergenic.  I have yet to see anything resembling the style or quality like these jewelry pieces have.  

Why does or should someone care?

Because wouldn't you want someone to care for you if you were in their shoes?  Because if they were here in America, you would probably buy their items at a flea market, local market or even on etsy.  But, these people don't have the resources like me or you.  They do not have a computer in their home and they don't have internet access.  They may have a local market but not the traffic required to make a consistent livable profit.  They don't have a major city to flock to for business or in their culture, females are not allowed to work outside of the home.  So you should care because you would want someone to care about you.  

Why do I care? 

Because even though I may be one person trying to make a difference, I am still one person trying to make a difference.  I learned about fair trade and now I know that I have to do something regardless of how small my contribution may be.  My small contribution may help one person and to me, that makes every effort I make worth it.  

What should you do? 

Shop fair trade as often as possible.  In fact, you can check out my shop here at www.isabelljoseph.com for some pretty awesome styles that I have in stock!


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