5 Frizz Free Finds

Melissa Amato

Having naturally curly hair in the South Louisiana heat is a challenge all in its own.  There are so many hair care products that I tried but none worked so well as my trusted Fab 5 Frizz Free Finds!  And...just so ya know ...I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to For a full disclosure, click here.  

Shampoo/Conditioner: Argan Magic

This is the base of any good hairstyle unless you have hair from the Gods themselves, you need a good shampoo and conditioner.  Every person's hair is different.  And for me, a conditioning shampoo and the right kind of moisture in a conditioner is an absolute must.  Argan Magic Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner  is just as it promises...pure magic.  It is the right moisture for my frizzy, curly hair where I don't have to put in any other products if I didn't want to.  But of course I want to!

Leave-In Conditioner: It's a 10

It's a 10 Haircare Leave In Conditioner does its job exceptionally well.  I sometimes use it in my hair but, my daughter has super curly long hair and this is the product I use in her hair.  She gets knots and tangles and this product works exceptionally well while leaving her hair conditioned but not greasy.  Some creams out there I have tried and it is just too much for our hair but, this is really a perfect 10!

Frizz Serum/Hair Protectant: Biosilk Silk Therapy

This has been my holy grail of all the serums since I discovered in when I was 19.  I will be 38 soon.  This is perfect to throw in your hair after the shower to let your curls dry naturally or to put in your hair to straighten your hair for that extra sleek look.  Biosilk has come up with other products as well over the years but this serum is completely life changing.  It protects your hair from heating utensils, you can throw it in your hair after the beach for a frizz-free look or diffuse it to define your curls.

Shine Spray:  Kenra Silkening Mist

This product came across my way when I chopped off my hair and got a sleek short cut.  I have loved it ever since.  It is not a miracle worker.  If you have severely frizzy hair, you need to take care of your hair with the above shampoo/conditioner but if that is all you do and need a bump in shine, this is the best of the best.  And it smells so good!!  I spray it on as a finishing spray even after any hairspray I need to help with any flyaways or remaining frizz issues.  Kenra Silkening Mist is a definite must for my Fab 5!  

Hairspray: Big Sexy Hairspray

If you want your hair to hold through a wind storm, this is your product.  My curls will last at least a day.  I have to wash my hair either every day or every other day or I don't feel clean so, I know the curls will last two days if done correctly  This is an absolute staple!  Love the hold, the staying power of the product and the ability to either be very stiff when needed or relaxed when you brush your curls out.  Very versatile!  Big Sexy Hairspray is where it's at! 

Have the hair down pat but now you need a skincare regimen?  Slide over to my article about Admire My Skin product line.  Even though it helps my melasma and acne, it also reduced my pores down to nothing and we all need that.  So, go check it out.  

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