The Foundation Faceoff

Melissa Amato

So, the whole saying that you get what you pay it just a saying or is it really true?  I don't know if it is true with everything in life but, in relation to foundations in the makeup world, it seems to be true.  

About six years ago, I tried Giorgio Armani foundation and fell in love.  I am difficult to match because of my undertones.  I need extra coverage because of my remaining melasma and hyperpigmentation.  Over the years, I did not have easy access to any Armani foundation because it is only found at Nordstrom and Saks and I don’t live that close to either of those so I chose other foundations.  Some broke me out.  Some didn't work or match correctly.  Some didn't cover like I wanted or felt too pancakey.  Those foundations never really held up to my Giorgio Armani foundation.  

The other day, I decided to do a bit of an experiment.  I put Giorgio Armani foundation on one half of my face and L`oreal Pro-Glow Infallible on the other half of my face.  No powder.  No primer.  No all-day-spray, just moisturizer with sunscreen and foundation.  And mascara do I don’t look like Kermit.


(L’Oréal on the left and Armani on the right). At the initial application, L'Oréal seems to win.  It makes your face have a great glow and I love the price tag.  L’Oréal is under $15 almost anywhere like CVS or Walmart and the Armani one is about $65.  

As I left the house, I took pictures in the sun.  The sun was bright.  


Still great but now, I feel a bit like a disco ball because of the glow.  My husband asked me why my face is glowing.  I tell him "It's just my face."  We all have a big laugh but, I look a little bit longer at my face.  I am glowing like too much.  It's great and all but I wanted a more natural glow, so I rub in the foundation on the L’Oréal side and the glow is slightly less.  I do not touch the Giorgio Armani side.  

So, now it has been about 5 hours from initial application.  I have run errands, picked the kids up from school, wrote this blog entry and took about a 20 minute nap because I have a condition and I was tired.  I found that the Giorgio Armani foundation held up their end of the bargain and I actually took a nap on the Giorgio Armani side.  

And yes, this is the same application of lipstick.  I will review those later but I have found my holy grail of lipsticks!

Y'all...Giorgio Armani wins the day.  L'Oréal  decided to break down and not have the staying power that their 24 hour advertisement claims.  Although, it is the closest thing next to Giorgio Armani and would work in a pinch, it doesn't have the staying power that the Armani has. I guess it is so true that you definitely get what you pay for.  

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